Théan Wizardry (7th Sea)

There are many mysteries in the world of Théah, not the least of which is the origin of sorcery. Some believe it to be a natural birthright, others a curse from Evil itself. What is certain to those who know of the world’s powers is that sorcery is not the only such power. These powers do not all come from Bargains, good or evil. Some are based on faith and will.

Wizardry — literally, the practice of the wise and clever — is among the rarest of these powers. It is also among the greatest.

This is not to say that neophytes in the Wise Art can levitate wagons, discern the thoughts of men, or step across space and time. (Note: This distinction may not apply if using standard d20™ system wizardry; consult with your GM.) Certainly, the most powerful masters can do all these things and more, but such power takes a lifetime to achieve.

Théan Wizardry is, for the most part, a more subtle and arcane force than sorcery or regular fantasy spellcasting. Even the mighty masters of this art rarely use their power over creation’s fabric, save in self-defense. Its powers are more akin to the Fate Witch’s ability to follow, and influence, the loom of destiny, as well as gifts of divination familiar to more secretive organizations. Most of the Wizard’s arts take more time to use, especially at early stages, but Théan Wizards are more versatile than the vast majority of their supernatural brethren.

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