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Other Research

As I’ve worked on various branches of our trees, I’ve created summaries to share on various forums. Usually, this is because I’m looking for help with that branch. This post collects these into one place. These should all be set to allow comments.

Peter’s family:

Lorena’s family:

Italian Records

While going through records on Antenati, I’ve created my own “mini indexes.” These have varying amounts of information, from as little as noting that there’s an index for that year in the original records, to just surnames for marriages that aren’t relevant to my research, to full names and ages of all parties in the original. Some places and years I’ve noted at least surnames for all records, others I’ve only notes surnames I’m interested in. And some years I haven’t gotten to at all yet.

These files aren’t necessarily consistent, and include markings (like “^”) and notes that aren’t likely to be of interest to other researchers. That said, I’m uploading these so that other people researching these towns might benefit from the work I put into these. This is still a work in progress, so the files will be updated from time to time as I go through more records.

Be aware that I’m pretty sure there are some typos, so be careful if you use Find to search the files. If you catch any errors, please let me know, and always check the originals.

The pages below have these indexes as embedded text files.