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US soldiers in Iraq asked to pray for Bush

Finally back, in spirit as well as body. Roland’s father crossed over relatively peacefully on 3/23.

The news just keeps getting worse and worse, and not just in terms of body counts. Sometimes the spin is so blatant we have to wonder how anyone falls for it. Here’s the latest item that turned our stomachs, from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Sunday, March 30, 2003. 2:55am (AEST):
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The Lamps Are Going Out

Blogging will be quiet for a while; I’m in Florida with my husband because his father is dying of cancer.

Meanwhile, we finally had a chance to go online and see what someone besides CNN is reporting on the invasion. More things I could recommend than I want to take space on (but do check out for Tom Tomorrow’s blog), but this one I had to share:
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Another must-read

The Second American Revolution
by Roger Normand and Jan Goodwin
Published on Thursday, March 20, 2003 by

Senator Byrd on the budget

From the Congressional Record for 19 Mar 03, the Senator from West Virginia, Senator Byrd speaks. If you want to search for this on Thomas, it’s under the heading "Congressional Budget For The U.s. Government For Fiscal Year 2004"

[ed. note: Finding this is a bit tricky. Start on these Thomas search results, and search/scroll down to “AMERICA’S IMAGE IN THE WORLD.” There’s also video of Sen. Byrd delivering this speech.]
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Was Powell betrayed?

Another one from Roland, written yesterday:

Was Powell betrayed?

The neocon chickenhawks that have been clamoring for war with Iraq since Clinton was in office never wanted to bother with the UN. They wanted to just roll in and take over a foreign country for "America’s well-being." Powell has long been a moderate thorn in their collective side since Bush made him Secretary of State, making him second only to Cheney in Dubya’s cabinet. He urged patience and process. They scorned this route.
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This from my husband

This from my husband:

Iraqi chickenhawks have callously killed thousands of helpless civilian Iraqis. Therefore, to save them, US chickenhawks are going to callously kill thousands of civilian Iraqis ("shock and awe").
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So much for the land of the free

An e-co-worker just shared this. She asked that I not mention her name; an understandable request given the current climate:
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Onward Bush’s soldiers

I know I have WorkingForChange on my list of links, but occasionally there’s an article that I think deserves particular attention. This one is:

Onward Bush’s soldiers: War with Iraq is ‘dress rehearsal for Armageddon’ says head of Evangelical Israel Broadcasting Network

This isn’t the first piece I’ve read that’s talked about the right-wing Christian nutjobs (*) wanting to start this war to get the events of Revelations underway. Frightening.

* FTR, I do NOT think Christians are all bad, or all wacko, or, well, all anything. They are individuals same as any other group, and it’s my observation that most Christians are as appalled by the actions of their far-right fringe as the rest of us, and as most Moslems are of their far-right fringe.

I’ve had this song…

I’ve had this song semi-stuck in my head for the last couple of days. Not an annoying one, at least :-). It’s widely considered one of the best of it’s type, and I find it stirring with or without the lyrics. The lyrics are a call for all patriotic citizens to take up arms for the defence of their homeland.
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Cook for President?

I finally found a transcript of MP Robin Cook’s resignation speech. We watched a video of this last night, and were very impressed. He states many of the reasons for not rushing to war, and brings up several points that we’ve been wondering why they haven’t gotten more media time.

Personal Statement by Robin Cook

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