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Never Mess With The Spooks

The Calpundit has the slam dunk on this one:

The problem is that trying to blame this kind of stuff on the CIA is getting less and less credible with every passing day: after all, if it really is the CIA’s fault, their incompetence has now endangered the interests of the United States and badly embarrassed the president so many times that it’s simply beyond belief that there haven’t been wholesale firings in Langley.

Which also explains some of the sheer outrage from current and former members of the intelligence community: they’re being trashed by an administration that’s trying to find an excuse for the mess it’s in, when they wouldn’t be in this mess if they had just listened to the people they’re trashing in the first place.

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Get Your Base On

Why the election will come down to turnout

Does anyone really believe that conservative pundits have the Democratic party’s best interests at heart?

Apparently, the Democratic candidate (no matter who that candidate is) will lose by pandering to some mythical “shrill and unstable” party base, which is going to drive the center to the Republicans. If only they’d be more supportive of unpopular wars with dubious origins, stop asking questions about unprecedented corruption and deceit, and fighting the “class warfare” that the right wing began over twenty years ago, they might have a chance in the 2004 election. Of course, by this calculation, the Democrats will probably still lose, but at least it won’t be a blowout.
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