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A Whitewash That Won’t Wash?

Well, Lord Hutton has issued his report — full excoriation of the BBC, and full exoneration of 10 Downing Street. Blair and the warfloggers are ecstatic, and the right is attacking the BBC all-out. The rank and file of Aunt Beeb, however, are up in arms, and a full half of the British people aren’t buying it:

A poll found yesterday that a majority of people thought Lord Hutton’s report was wrong to lay all the blame at the BBC’s door. The poll, by NOP, showed 56 per cent thought the peer was wrong to blame only the BBC; 49 per cent said the report was a whitewash, with 40 per cent disagreeing.

A whitewash. Not just unfair, or imbalanced, or biased. A whitewash.

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You Never Can Tell

Whoa. First Iowa, and now this.

And I’ve gotta be honest. I’d mentally put Kerry in the coffin with Lieberman, who will (mercifully) soon lag with the other fringe candidates. How wrong I was. (Although I have to say that perhaps the best thing to come out of Iowa and New Hampshire is that maybe, finally, the Freepers will stop ranting about how Hillary is really honest-and-for-true going to run this year.)

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Vice President Luthor

When fiction isn’t scary enough

[ed. note: image “cheney-bald.jpg” is no longer available; the alt text was “An unfortunate nucleyar accident turned this child genius into the personification of evil and the arch-nemesis of democracy…”]

True story: during the 2000 campaign season, the company that makes Superman comics — DC Comics, a subsidiary of Warner Bros. — announced that Lex Luthor was running for president in Superman’s fictional universe. For those of you who haven’t seen old Lex in a while, the Superman comics universe was restarted about twenty years ago, and Luthor was reinvented as an evil corporate magnate who got his start in the tech industry. Still a scientific genius, he hides behind an aura of respectability as head of LexCorp, one of the largest, wealthiest, and most influential corporations in the world. Though Superman still thwarts his evil schemes, Lex always manages to come out smelling like a rose.

To most readers’ surprise, he won the election.
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Is Andrew Sullivan Leaving The Dark Side?

This article starts out with the usual rah-rah cheerleading for Bush’s rah-rah spinning of the “death and conquest” policy. Yawn. As Sullivan continues, however, he hits Bush hard on some glaring weak points:

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Sorry, Dubya, they’re not even good fake WMDs

Remember those shells the Danes found? The ones with the chemical warfare agents in them? Guess what? Via Calpundit, we learn that they were just another wild goose chase:

Four initial tests by British and Danish experts came up positive for blister agents, Danish spokesman, Capt. Kim Vibe Michelsen, told The Associated Press.

But later tests by U.S. experts from the Iraq Survey Group on five of the shells have shown no trace of chemical weapons, the Danish military said.

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Those ACLU Fascists Defend…Rush Limbaugh?!?

Y’know, I’m probably going to regret this, but I’m actually going to give props to *sucks it in* Rush Limbaugh, for showing good grace as the ACLU comes to his aid:

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The Final Frontier

Whoa, hey, when did space become a Republican issue?

Apparently, when Bush started talking about it.

Sure, we can’t trust Dubya with a program to screw in a light bulb. I concede without reservation that the Bush Regime is utterly corrupt and incompetent. The last time I believed that this administration could do something right was in Afghanistan, shortly after the September 11 attacks. After all, how could they possibly let partisan foolishness or short attention span ruin our chances there again?

Man, did I learn my lesson. There is no job so important, no task so simple, that Rove can’t screw it up by pandering to the regime’s base.

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Human Wrongs

Via Atrios, we find this stunner in the Daily News:

He didn’t free the slaves.

He didn’t rid the world of Hitler.

He didn’t even – like his father – preside over the destruction of the Berlin Wall.

Yet George W. Bush tells New Yorker writer Ken Auletta: “No President has ever done more for human rights than I have.”

With stunners like that, no wonder he spends so little time with journalists.

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Nakedly Craven

Found through Buzzflash, this article from the NY Daily News:

Getting an extension could be a political headache for Bush if the final 9/11 report is issued in the summer. Kean, a Republican, has said the report will name names and point to failures in the Bush administration.

Good for him. It’s nice to know there are still honest Republicans.

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The Superlie

When mere distortion just isn’t enough:
Did you know the ACLU is fascist?

[ed. note: The image has been moved down so it doesn’t interfere with quoting.]

Well, at least according to Bill “O’Really” O’Reilly. During my daily blogging run, I came across this on Media Whores Online:

From Bill O’Reilly’s opening comments January 9:

Now the ACLU is free to come to your town and sue the heck out of it. And believe me, that organization will. The ACLU doesn’t care about the law or the constitution or what the people want. It’s a fascist organization that uses lawyers instead of Panzers. It’ll find a way to inflict financial damage on any concern that opposes its secular agenda and its growing in power.

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