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Human Wrongs

Via Atrios, we find this stunner in the Daily News:

He didn’t free the slaves.

He didn’t rid the world of Hitler.

He didn’t even – like his father – preside over the destruction of the Berlin Wall.

Yet George W. Bush tells New Yorker writer Ken Auletta: “No President has ever done more for human rights than I have.”

With stunners like that, no wonder he spends so little time with journalists.

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Nakedly Craven

Found through Buzzflash, this article from the NY Daily News:

Getting an extension could be a political headache for Bush if the final 9/11 report is issued in the summer. Kean, a Republican, has said the report will name names and point to failures in the Bush administration.

Good for him. It’s nice to know there are still honest Republicans.

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The Superlie

When mere distortion just isn’t enough:
Did you know the ACLU is fascist?

[ed. note: The image has been moved down so it doesn’t interfere with quoting.]

Well, at least according to Bill “O’Really” O’Reilly. During my daily blogging run, I came across this on Media Whores Online:

From Bill O’Reilly’s opening comments January 9:

Now the ACLU is free to come to your town and sue the heck out of it. And believe me, that organization will. The ACLU doesn’t care about the law or the constitution or what the people want. It’s a fascist organization that uses lawyers instead of Panzers. It’ll find a way to inflict financial damage on any concern that opposes its secular agenda and its growing in power.

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