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Vice President Luthor

When fiction isn’t scary enough

[ed. note: image “cheney-bald.jpg” is no longer available; the alt text was “An unfortunate nucleyar accident turned this child genius into the personification of evil and the arch-nemesis of democracy…”]

True story: during the 2000 campaign season, the company that makes Superman comics — DC Comics, a subsidiary of Warner Bros. — announced that Lex Luthor was running for president in Superman’s fictional universe. For those of you who haven’t seen old Lex in a while, the Superman comics universe was restarted about twenty years ago, and Luthor was reinvented as an evil corporate magnate who got his start in the tech industry. Still a scientific genius, he hides behind an aura of respectability as head of LexCorp, one of the largest, wealthiest, and most influential corporations in the world. Though Superman still thwarts his evil schemes, Lex always manages to come out smelling like a rose.

To most readers’ surprise, he won the election.
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