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A Whitewash That Won’t Wash?

Well, Lord Hutton has issued his report — full excoriation of the BBC, and full exoneration of 10 Downing Street. Blair and the warfloggers are ecstatic, and the right is attacking the BBC all-out. The rank and file of Aunt Beeb, however, are up in arms, and a full half of the British people aren’t buying it:

A poll found yesterday that a majority of people thought Lord Hutton’s report was wrong to lay all the blame at the BBC’s door. The poll, by NOP, showed 56 per cent thought the peer was wrong to blame only the BBC; 49 per cent said the report was a whitewash, with 40 per cent disagreeing.

A whitewash. Not just unfair, or imbalanced, or biased. A whitewash.

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