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Minas Tirith Times

[Lord of the Spin]Resident Dubyathor Accuses Kerragorn of Waffling
from the Minas Tirith Times

by Special Correspondent Roland X

MINAS TIRITH (MTT) – As the coronation season heats up in Gondor, Resident Dubyathor son of Bushelion laid out in the most definitive terms yet his charge that Kerragorn is a dissembler who cannot be trusted with the crown.

“First Kerragorn renounces his claim to the throne, then he pursues it. He claims to be part of a Fellowship, but exchanges his membership in it for his own political ambitions. He follows Deandalf’s lead, but must intend to give Deandalf orders if he means to be king. He condemns the War in Osgiliraq but advocates an invasion of Mordor. He didn’t want ‘the Sword that was Broken,’ and now he’s wearing it. And what’s with that ‘Strider’ thing? He’s afraid to use his own name?”
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Give Kerry Some Love

Say what you want and vote your conscience in the primaries — but show him the money!

I have something of a policy of not responding to other DMY articles and writers — but when I’m responded to myself, that changes matters considerably. And while Dr. Aaron has some valid points, I disagree entirely with his basic thesis of not sending Kerry money (or sending less than you can give). Let’s go through point by point.
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Much I do About Nothing?

Much I Do About Nothing?
Replies to arguments against gay marriage

In many years of asking, I have never gotten a satisfactory answer to this question: Can you give me one good reason that is not based in the dogma of some religion or another why one loving committed couple should be allowed the legal rights of marriage and another shouldn’t, based solely on the relative genders of the people involved?

Here are some of the “nice try” answers:

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