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Destroying the Spineless Dems Meme

It’s dead, Jim.

Pelosi stood her ground, telling reporters that “the emperor has no clothes.” With the violence in Iraq threatening to overshadow all other issues in the coming election season, each party claimed to possess the moral high ground in setting the rules for debate.

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Yep, we’re still here :-)

This is partly to let anyone who’s still reading this know that we’re still alive and well, and to test posting-by-email. If you’re reading this, it worked :-).

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The War on Culture

Why Bush will be tough to beat no matter how terrible his performance

It’s not hard to imagine a blithering flunky yammering to an unflustered Rove about the string of the administration’s disasters coming to light. Bush’s inactions prior to 9/11 (what Al Franken brilliantly deemed “Operation: Ignore”). The lies, corruption, and sheer stupidity involved in dragging us into the deadly quicksand of Iraq. Their long habit of sliming whistleblowers without ever commenting on the merits of the dissenters’ complaints. The suppression of scientists and inconvenient facts, Medicare and the EPA in particular. On and on.

It’s also easy to imagine Rove gazing contemptuously at said flunky, and paraphrasing Bill Gates’ legendary (and perhaps apocryphal) put-down: “It’s the culture war, stupid.”
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