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The Long Twilight Struggle

I may not be a member of the “reality-based community,” but I do know how to face facts. Even if a miracle happens in Ohio or Florida, we (that is, sane Americans) must now take stock.

Let’s assume, for the moment, that Ohio was stolen. (I do.) Let’s even assume, for the moment, that after the mountain of Florida ballots are counted, Kerry closes significantly — still losing, but making it a lot closer. (Obviously, if he wins Florida, everything changes.) Which would mean that Florida, too, was stolen…again.

This does not change the fact that it would take a lot of voter theft for the popular vote to go the other way. More than even I am willing to swallow. It was close, sure. It was a lot closer than George “Mandate” Bush wants to admit, and that’s with the advantages of incumbency, war, a huge base of rabid religious fanatics, the Osama surprise, the most powerful spin machine the world has ever known, a compliant media, and enough lies to choke a horse.

He still won.

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Whither Democracy?

…as democracy withers…

At the moment, the message throughout the liberal/progressive end of the blogosphere is “don’t give up.” We lost the Big One, but built the foundations to counter the right wing Scaife/Limbaugh/Newsmax/Fox/Washington Times noise machine. This Is Only The Beginning.


As much of an incurable optimist as I usually am, I can’t help but see the fundamental flaw in such thinking: movements only matter if those in power can be removed by them. Optimism about our infrastructure would be justified if we could reasonably believe that we will have freedom of speech, press, assembly and petition in the years to come.
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