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The Rising: Remember, We’re *Winning*

Source knows, I understand how hard it is right now. I give major props to all the fighting Armando is doing (you should see the way he gets mugged almost daily on Dkos). And I’ve felt massively depressed for almost the last month straight.

But come on! DeLay was just indicted! Frist is being investigated for his seeing-eye trust jiggery pokery, Judith Miller finally blabbed, Bush is sinking and drinking, and Karl Rove is looking less like Lex Luthor and more like Curly Howard by the day. Only Cheniac is still getting away with murder, and now all he can really do is siphon money to Lexcorp…I mean Halliburton.

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Pagan Veteran’s Headstone Campaign

Disclaimer: I’m not a vet, nor do I have any vets or service members in my immediate circle. This is a rights issue for me.

Since 1989, pagan organizations have been trying in good faith to jump through the VA’s hoops to get the pentagram approved for the headstones of pagan veterans. They keep getting railroaded, stalled, and outright lied to (ed: Link dead, found a copy on the Wayback Machine and will add it here later). Religions few have ever heard of have approved symbols, at least six groups have had their symbols approved since 2002, but not pagans.

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Hello world! (new diarist intro)

Does that peg me as a long-time computer person? 🙂

I believe it’s traditional for a first diary entry to be something of an “about me,” so here goes. I’m in my mid-40s, happily married to Roland X for eight years (though the 8th anniversary of our legal wedding isn’t until next February), and mother of two wonderful sons, ages 23 and 13 (previous marriage). No current outside-the-house career — besides never managing to figure out “what I want to be when I grew up,” I’m dealing with RSD which makes it hard to get out and about, so I’m online most of the time. I do have a BS degree in Computer Science, but a programming degree from the 80s isn’t worth much in today’s market.

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