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Dueling Creation stories (Gen.1 & 2)

Mozh over in the Rosh Ha-shanah thread said:

It would be interesting at some point in the future to have a discussion about the two creation stories in Gen 1-3. I think it would be interesting to hear how people integrate these stories for themselves, and/or which one appeals to each of us more.

I’d already been thinking of doing this, so here goes :-).

I’m working from the World English Bible: Messianic Edition (WEB:ME), also known as the Hebrew Names Version (HNV), since the more I learn about the origins of the KJV the less I trust the translation.
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If This Goes On…

I don’t normally watch much TV news, but I happened to catch it this morning since I was letting my son watch anime on the computer. The chimp was on almost every channel, so I decided to suck it up and watch. Looks like I wasn’t the only person who was disturbed by this, borrowed from dKos: Influenza pandemic? Let the military take care of it, says Bush.

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