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Virtual Ancestor Night (Post #1 – Intro)

Since I have pastordan’s blessing, as it were, here’s my first post on this ritual.

“Ancestor Night” is another name for Samhain (SOW-an), but I didn’t want to scare anyone off before they even looked :-). I’ve done this ceremony with Christians and other non-pagans participating before, so I’m hoping of our non-pagan members will consider joining in.

I’m intending to do the actual ritual on October 31st, probably making the first post around 2pm PST (5pm EST, about sunset). I’ll post the closing section later that night or sometime on Nov. 1, depending on how things are going. I know that the actual cross-quarter, 15 degrees Scorpio, isn’t until 7 Nov, but I’m going with the more traditional date :-).

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