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Religion & SF/F

Well, my hunny wants me to write a diary on religion in science fiction, so here goes. 8^)

I’m a science fiction and fantasy writer myself, though most of my paid writing (thus far) has been for role-playing games. More importantly, Stranger in a Strange Land is the closest thing I have to a bible. Let me put it this way: I’m not a part of the RL Church Of All Worlds because I don’t find them enough like Heinlein’s original CAW. I hasten to add, however, that all the CAWiccans I’ve met are fine folk indeed.

SiaSL literally changed my life, though lack of access to Martian has kept me at mere mortal status in terms of universal attunement to date. I’m working on that too (the attunement, not the Martian ;^). I’m also a fan of a lot of other, more mainstream SF, and after being part of a panel discussing the topic, I came to realize that whatever SF novels may be doing these days, religion is in fact widely dealt with in popular science fiction.

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