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Rituals (Paganism 102? :-)

Most of this is stuff that I’ve taken from the post I was going to make next week for the Samhain/Ancestor Night ritual, but I’m posting it now due to the interest from my other diary today. I’ll recap it in the Samhain-specific post later.

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Request: Abrahamic views on polytheists?

Well, with my beloved wife doing what she does best (informing others and raising the general enlightenment level ;^), I figure I’ll throw this one out to our monotheistic friends.

It’s wonderful to see so much tolerance of Hindus, Buddhists, pagans (neo- and paleo- alike), and other various and sundry belief systems. What I’m curious to know is how the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim members of our Prophetic community view other metaphysical/theological concepts, particularly in relation to your own belief systems.

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Pagans and wiccans and druids, oh my!

[Promoted] From the diaries–PD. There goes my cred with Jack Chick types.

This diary is intended at least as much for the non-pagans as for my fellow pagan types. I mentioned in a comment yesterday that we have a wonderful opportunity here to educate those who, out of simple ignorance, don’t really know what we’re about. It will also, I’m sure, show that “pagans” are about as far from monolithic as any spiritual subgroup can get ;-).

I’m going to go through some “dull” definition stuff, then post my take on things and invite the other pagans to give theirs.

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