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The Wheel of the Year

With a week to go until Halloween, I post yet another informational entry on neo-pagan belief/tradition. I’ll probably make my last pre-Ancestor Night post on Friday, so everyone will know what to expect.

Most neo-pagans celebrate eight seasonal rituals, which together are called the Wheel of the Year. These include the solstices and equinoxes (collectively known as the Quarters), and the four midpoints between these (the Cross-Quarters). More info can be found on wikipedia’s “Wheel_of_the_year” entry, but I’ll go over it briefly here. You can hit the links for more background on the individual holidays.

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We need another word besides evangelical or fundie

OK, once I start to post the same comment on a third diary, it’s time to make it a diary of it’s own :-).

IMNSHO, we need a simple, straightforward term for the RRR Christians, the would-be theocrats, so that we don’t tar the non-radicals that share some of the names. Asbury Park has asked more than once that we not use “evangelical,” because not all evangelicals are in the problem group. I don’t recall who specifically made a similar request about “fundamentalist.”

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