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Calling All Eclectics!

Well, I think all the basic denominational types have put their two cents worth in — Christianity of all types, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Vedanism (aka Hindu), Taoism, atheism/humanism, and a couple of flavors of neo-paganism including straight Wicca and my own hunny, Morgan, bearing the druid standard. For that matter, I’m sure I’ve missed a few.

So how many of us are out here not knowing where we fit in? For myself, I’m sort of a New Agey eclectic Taoist neo-pagan animist psychic-oneness-with-the-Aether type… >gasp< …and that doesn’t even get into the Gnostic elements I’m looking at inserting. I guess my religion could be called the school of Stranger in a Strange Land by way of What The Bleep Do We Know (and yes, I know “Ramtha” is involved; s/he’s the one bad part of an otherwise good primer on quantum spirituality). Or vice-versa; it’s been a long road.

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Samhain (Ancestor Night) Ritual

UPDATE: The ritual has been completed, but it existed “at the center of space and time.” So, if you still want to contribute, feel free to do so. Thank you all for your participation :-).

Please refer to my previous diaries for explanations (intro, rituals, ritual outline, and ritual tools). If you have any questions on how something works, please post it in today’s pre-ritual post so as not to disturb the ceremony. I’ll be watching it for new comments :-).

Some of the things in italics are notes of what would be happening if we were doing this in person, done either by the High Druid/High Druidess or the congregation. You may “virtually” participate or just “watch,” depending on your comfort level.

Please post any responses within the ceremony to the appropriate comment, so that they thread properly. Thank you all for your consideration.

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One more pre-Samhain post: Ritual Tools

In looking over tonight’s Samhain ritual, I realized I’d left something out. I’ll be mentioning various tools and such, but I haven’t explained what the altar for a Keltrian ritual looks like :-). This is relevant even for most other pagans, since I’m not using the “standard wiccan” tool set (the usual caveats about calling anything pagan “standard” apply >G<).

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