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Request: Abrahamic views on polytheists?

Well, with my beloved wife doing what she does best (informing others and raising the general enlightenment level ;^), I figure I’ll throw this one out to our monotheistic friends.

It’s wonderful to see so much tolerance of Hindus, Buddhists, pagans (neo- and paleo- alike), and other various and sundry belief systems. What I’m curious to know is how the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim members of our Prophetic community view other metaphysical/theological concepts, particularly in relation to your own belief systems.

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Pagans and wiccans and druids, oh my!

[Promoted] From the diaries–PD. There goes my cred with Jack Chick types.

This diary is intended at least as much for the non-pagans as for my fellow pagan types. I mentioned in a comment yesterday that we have a wonderful opportunity here to educate those who, out of simple ignorance, don’t really know what we’re about. It will also, I’m sure, show that “pagans” are about as far from monolithic as any spiritual subgroup can get ;-).

I’m going to go through some “dull” definition stuff, then post my take on things and invite the other pagans to give theirs.

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Too much religion a dangerous thing?

A poster on another list pointed out this LA Times article today, though it’s from Oct. 1: The dark side of faith [1]

Paul ranked societies based on the percentage of their population expressing absolute belief in God, the frequency of prayer reported by their citizens and their frequency of attendance at religious services. He then correlated this with data on rates of homicide, sexually transmitted disease, teen pregnancy, abortion and child mortality.

He found that the most religious democracies exhibited substantially higher degrees of social dysfunction than societies with larger percentages of atheists and agnostics. Of the nations studied, the U.S. — which has by far the largest percentage of people who take the Bible literally and express absolute belief in God (and the lowest percentage of atheists and agnostics) — also has by far the highest levels of homicide, abortion, teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

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Religion & SF/F

Well, my hunny wants me to write a diary on religion in science fiction, so here goes. 8^)

I’m a science fiction and fantasy writer myself, though most of my paid writing (thus far) has been for role-playing games. More importantly, Stranger in a Strange Land is the closest thing I have to a bible. Let me put it this way: I’m not a part of the RL Church Of All Worlds because I don’t find them enough like Heinlein’s original CAW. I hasten to add, however, that all the CAWiccans I’ve met are fine folk indeed.

SiaSL literally changed my life, though lack of access to Martian has kept me at mere mortal status in terms of universal attunement to date. I’m working on that too (the attunement, not the Martian ;^). I’m also a fan of a lot of other, more mainstream SF, and after being part of a panel discussing the topic, I came to realize that whatever SF novels may be doing these days, religion is in fact widely dealt with in popular science fiction.

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Virtual Ancestor Night (Post #1 – Intro)

Since I have pastordan’s blessing, as it were, here’s my first post on this ritual.

“Ancestor Night” is another name for Samhain (SOW-an), but I didn’t want to scare anyone off before they even looked :-). I’ve done this ceremony with Christians and other non-pagans participating before, so I’m hoping of our non-pagan members will consider joining in.

I’m intending to do the actual ritual on October 31st, probably making the first post around 2pm PST (5pm EST, about sunset). I’ll post the closing section later that night or sometime on Nov. 1, depending on how things are going. I know that the actual cross-quarter, 15 degrees Scorpio, isn’t until 7 Nov, but I’m going with the more traditional date :-).

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Restricting fertility? (Updated)

Found this on the LiveJournal of a friend who’s working in the Middle East for a couple of years so he’s getting news from more varied sources than most Americans.

Indiana bill would limit reproduction procedures for gays, singles [1]

An interim legislative committee is considering a bill that would prohibit gays, lesbians and single people in Indiana from using medical science to assist them in having a child.

UPDATE (6 Oct): See my last comment. They dropped this puppy like the rotten potato it is.
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Dueling Creation stories (Gen.1 & 2)

Mozh over in the Rosh Ha-shanah thread said:

It would be interesting at some point in the future to have a discussion about the two creation stories in Gen 1-3. I think it would be interesting to hear how people integrate these stories for themselves, and/or which one appeals to each of us more.

I’d already been thinking of doing this, so here goes :-).

I’m working from the World English Bible: Messianic Edition (WEB:ME), also known as the Hebrew Names Version (HNV), since the more I learn about the origins of the KJV the less I trust the translation.
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If This Goes On…

I don’t normally watch much TV news, but I happened to catch it this morning since I was letting my son watch anime on the computer. The chimp was on almost every channel, so I decided to suck it up and watch. Looks like I wasn’t the only person who was disturbed by this, borrowed from dKos: Influenza pandemic? Let the military take care of it, says Bush.

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