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SP Full Wolf Moon: Ritual

Normally, I’d wait a while between the intro and the ritual to give people time to comment, but A) I want to post on the waxing side of the Full Moon (14 Jan, 0948 UT or 1:48pm PST if I’ve converted right), which I thought I’d missed but haven’t, and B) I’ve got a family waiting for me to spend part of Saturday with them :-). So here goes.

Brief reminders: All participation is voluntary. One does not have to participate to read this, but I ask that no negative energies be injected. “Salute” generally means “hug.” 🙂

Please keep comments to this diary specifically “in circle.” Questions, comments, etc. can be posted in the intro post.

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SP Full Wolf Moon: Intro

Darn it if I didn’t manage to miss Full Wolf again! I don’t know what it is about me and this moon :-). Anyway, similar to what I did for Samhain, I’m going to post this diary as an intro and discussion place, and then the ritual itself. If you have questions or comments, please post them here instead of there :-).

First, some references from my past diaries, for those who weren’t around last October or those who want a refresher (“Rituals” is probably the most relevant if you don’t have time for all of it):

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Living With the Beast

Some interesting events in the diaries and comments today. While I haven’t read it all, this relates tangentially to something I’ve been thinking about, on and off, about dealing with here:

The Dark Side.

And I mean neither evil spiritual forces nor human ‘villains’ of any particular stripe. What I’m referring to is the tempter that lives in our brains. While it seems to be stronger in some than others — I am constantly amazed at how little anger my beloved wife Morgan seems even capable of, much less venting — there is that vicious little imp we call the ‘id’ in all of us, really.

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