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Imbolc ceremony

Please refer to the Imbolc intro. If you have any questions on how something works, please post it in that pre-ritual diary so as not to disturb the ceremony.

Some of the things in italics are notes of what would be happening if we were doing this in person, done either by the High Druid/High Druidess or the congregation. You may “virtually” participate or just “watch,” depending on your comfort level.

Please post any responses within the ceremony to the appropriate comment, so that they thread properly. Thank you all for your consideration.

(Continued in the comments…)

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Imbolc ritual — intro (all welcome!)

[editor’s note, by its simple IF you ignore the complexity] The ceremony itself is here – those of us unfamiliar with Imbolc ritual are asked to read this first.I for one, have learned much about a figure I had previously encountered as St. Brigid and how her story has survived and been adapted by several traditions.May we all weave our own path from what we find leads us to connection and community beyond ourselves.Thank you for putting this together Morgan. Namaste

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I finally more-or-less caught up after being about a week behind, and was a bit surprised to see NO mention of Imbolc or Brigid today. Being as how the Exalted One is both our household matron (from before Roland moving in) and Roland’s personal Matron, this sabbat is special to us :-). So, here’s the open thread for commenting on the Imbolc ritual I’ll post later today.

You know the drill: more below the fold…

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