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I’m going to the special hell

FTR, I take the growing disaster in Europe over the Islam-slandering cartoons (but honestly –cartoons? Rioting over cartoons?) seriously. (Post edited to add the word “seriously” because I spaced and forgot it while posting at work. oops. –ed) And this post by Kevin Drum is almost the epitome of Liberal Not Getting It.

I still laughed my butt off at said post. I mean, this is Denmark we’re talking about here. I don’t think they are going to be invading anyone any time soon. What, are they going to burn a bunch of hemp in effigy? (They daren’t use the real thing — the contact high would stop the riots for weeks.)

Honestly, though, it’s really a very serious situation. We shouldn’t joke about it. Which is why I’m almost certainly going to the special hell reserved for molestors and people who talk in theaters (the latter of which I have, I’m embarrassed to say, also been known to do).

(/) Roland X
And actually, the hemp thing, that’d be the Netherlands. But since we’re stereotyping anyway… 😉

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