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“Gab in the Grove” (for everyone)

Update [2006-2-22 2:8:25 by Matthew Krell]: In honor of our non-Abrahamic friends, those who are still persevering and those who’ve decided the cookies are too dry – MK

Since my Pagan Roundtable seemed to do well, it occurred to me to try this. Come, join us under the trees, bring the beverage and snackie of your choice, and join the parley, savvy? Everyone’s invited, regardless of their belief system (or lack thereof).

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Dwindling non-Christian population?

OK, I’ll admit off the top that I’ve been away for a while — I’ve had other things that needed doing that didn’t leave me much time for blog reading. But as I skim what’s on the front page (including diaries), and read comments, I seem to notice that the Street has gotten, well, less diverse.

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