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Why I’m A Pagan

[editor’s note, by its simple IF you ignore the complexity]I think exploring the basis of our faith traditions is important. I thank Roland for sharing his and hope promoting this helps make a statement in regards to Morgan’s recent diary.

It’s a funny thing. I haven’t thought seriously about the origins and underpinnings of my neopaganism in years. In the wake of my beloved wife Morgan’s post on non-Christian involvement in SP, however, I felt the need, and the reflection has been very good for my faith. I’ve spent some useful, valuable time thinking about what my spirituality means to me.

Anyway, my reason for being a neopagan. Well, I may be rather thoroughly hetero, but a common refrain from the LGBT community comes to mind: “do you think I’d put up with this much grief if this were a choice?” I certainly don’t believe that New Age faith is genetically based, but it almost seems as if our beliefs are written in our spiritual DNA at times. It’s commonly said that no one converts to paganism, you just realize one day that it’s what you’ve been all along.

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