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Gathering in the Grove (for all)

Come, join us under the trees (the leaves are thick enough to shelter us from the rain if need be), bring the beverage and snackie of your choice, and join the parley, savvy? Everyone’s invited, regardless of their belief system (or lack thereof).

Stock opening paragraph: I’ll try to post this every week or so, and if I miss it I give explicit permission (nay, my blessing) for someone else to post. Tuesday seems as good a day for this as any, but I also see no reason why it can’t move around, or even happen more than once a week. If you have a “gab” type idea for a diary, go ahead and borrow the title :-). My only request is that topics not be Christo-centric, since the idea here is to provide some balance.

And always, always, honest questions from those who don’t understand where we pagans, heathens, and other assorted “weirdos” are coming from are welcome. Part of why I’m here is to help spread knowledge and understanding, and most of us don’t bite unless invited.

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