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Watching the Religious Right

The heat, humidity, and need to get off my duff and get the house ready for a termite inspection tomorrow have my brains mushy enough that I can’t come up with any good commentary on this, so forgive my posting something without adding much of my own :-).

From my favorite “Neopagan curmudgeon,” a link to the current newsletter from Americans United for Separation of Church and State on watching and dealing with the Religious Reich.

It includes a list of the top ten Religious Reich leaders, ten steps you can take to fight the RR, and an overview of the power now held by the theocrats who want to rule America.

IMO, we here on this Street are already doing a lot of these :-).
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Satanism, “devil worship”, and banning groups

First off, let me state that I follow neither of the above paths. But, as a neo-pagan, I understand how it feels to be accused of worshipping evil when we do no such thing. So since preemptively banning “Satanists” was proposed in another thread, I had to speak up.

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Most inspiring films

Today’s news includes an item on “It’s a Wonderful Life” topping the American Film Institute’s list of 100 Most Inspiring Films Of All Time.

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Gab in the Grove

I’ll only be around for another hour at most, but I wanted to toss out another one of these. These “grove” posts are meant to be pagan-friendly, but that doesn’t mean pagan only :-). Everyone is welcome!

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