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Personal responsibility

This is going to be short, since I’m mainly hoping to start a conversation.

In view of stuff on other threads, I have to wonder: are belief in the idea of sin and belief in personal responsibility mutually exclusive?

I’d say no, because even though I no longer believe in “sin,” I was once a Born-Again Christian and even then I thought people should take responsibility for their actions and the consequences thereof. Those who blamed SAAAAY-tin for their misdeeds were, I thought, copping out.

But then, I think that even in my Christian days I was a pagan at heart, so I’d like to toss the question out to others, from the rich variety of traditions we have represented here on the Street :-).

What say you all?

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Wiccan Sign Allowed on Soldier’s Plaque

Finally, someone’s willing to give Sgt. Patrick Stewart some of that Freedom of Religion he fought and died for.

The widow of a soldier killed in Afghanistan won state approval Wednesday to place a Wiccan religious symbol on his memorial plaque [1], something the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs had refused.

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