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Holiday ornaments, 1988

1988’s holiday ornament: “Christmas is Love”

1988 ornament
Unlike the previous few years, this one has a special meaning. I don’t feel a need to go into a lot of details, but if things had gone a bit differently 1987 might have been my last Christmas (short, short version: serious injury). This ornament was chosen to commemorate that everyone was grateful that we were still together.

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Holiday ornaments, 1987

1987’s holiday ornament: US Constitution Bicentennial, 1787-1987

1987 ornament
Same thing as ’85 and ’86 — nothing much going on. I did take my last final for the B.S. in Computer Science in December, but technically I’m class of 1988, so we didn’t really look for a school-related ornament.

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Holiday ornaments, 1986

1986’s holiday ornament: “Statue of Liberty Centennial Celebration 1886 – 1986”

1986 ornament
Like 1985, no personal events to commemorate, so we went with this. We watched the centennial on TV — I may still have a VHS of the tall ships parade from the celebrations around here somewhere.

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Holiday ornaments, 1985

1985’s holiday ornament: “Halley’s Comet”

1985 ornament
Lacking anything personal to celebrate, this seemed to be the biggest event of the year. We drove out to a less-lit area to try to see it once, but couldn’t.

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Holiday ornaments, 1984

1984’s holiday ornament: “Marathon Santa”

1984 ornament
The Games of the XXIII Olympiad, aka the 1984 Summer Olympics (or, as then-two-year-old Brian called them, the “Tee-four ‘Lympic Games” *g*), were held in Los Angeles . I went with Dalles’ mom and stepdad to see part of the marathon on closing day (12 Aug). We were somewhere along Pacific Coast Highway/Palisades Beach Road, by Palisades Park.

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Holiday ornaments, 1983

1983 holiday ornament: “Baby’s Second Christmas – 1983”

Pretty self-explanatory :-). This may have been a gift from my parents to Brian, but since it’s the only 1983 ornament, I’m keeping it in the “family” category. If Brian wants it, though, that trumps :-).

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Holiday ornaments, 1982

1982’s holiday ornament: “Sleeping Angel” engraved “Brian (date)”

1982 ornament My firstborn, Brian, was born in Feb 1982, so this was his first Christmas. If you see an anonymous response to my posts from an ISP in the Denver area, that’s probably him :-).

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Holiday ornaments, 1981

1981’s holiday ornament: “Our First Christmas – Lori & Dalles”

1981 ornament This one may require a little back-story. After a marriage that lasted less than a year and which I won’t go into because it’s not particularly relevant, I married my second husband, Dalles. We met in early 1981, and were married in November. I was still going by “Lori” at the time (I didn’t change my name to Lorena until the 90s).

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Holiday ornaments, intro

(Cross-posting this one to both here and morgan_gw, but the rest of these will only be on this one.)

As I’ve noted a couple of times during past holiday seasons, one tradition I’ve had for many years was to buy an ornament each year to commemorate something significant that happened that year. At first, socialization being what it is, they were noted as Christmas ornaments, but as the years passed I started calling them Yule ornaments. Either way, the tradition has withstood a couple of significant changes in household.

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