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Blasts from the Past

This section of the Silver Gateways is for things that were once elsewhere, like our Xanga blogs once upon a time, that are being collected for archival purposes. There probably won’t ever be anything really new here :-).

Posts from Morgan’s Xanga blog have been added, but those from Roland’s Xanga will be added as back-dated links to his Justice Log.

Roland’s older political stuff can also be seen on Daily Kos. Those posts may or may not be copied here.

Since Livejournal managed to lose a bunch of images during their scrapbook migration, I’ve moved the stuff from “Morgan’s Memories” over here, with that as the category.

Update, May 2021: Since Roland has decided to revive the Justice Log, I’m moving all of his (and some of my) political posts to The Justice Log 2.0. This includes not just his old Justice Log posts, but some things posted to other blogs. If you notice any broken links, please let me know.

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