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Morgan on Street Prophets

Street ProphetsWhile going through saved blog posts I looked fondly back at Street Prophets (formerly at It seems that what some of us feared has come to pass, in that the site seems far less interfaith than it once was. Still, it was good for a time. As of this writing, the latest post with a “pagan” tag was in April 2011, over a year ago.

So until/unless I move stuff here, I provide a link to my diaries on Street Prophets, dated between 30 Sep 2005 and 31 Oct 2006. It’s not often I get in on something like that early enough to snag the usename “Morgan” :-).

EDIT 30 Oct 2013: Street Prophets is now a blog at Daily Kos, so it looks like all of the old stuff is gone. Packrat that I am I saved copies of all of Roland’s and my posts, so I’ve added them here. See the Street Prophets category.

Roland X on Daily Kos

Roland X‘s Profile

Struck by rhetorical lightning while standing by a rack of Dean stickers, mild-mannered writer Roland X was transformed by the power of the Dean for America movement. Now, driven by the superpower of the anti-Bush alliance, he has become Captain ABBA!

Member since 7 Feb 2004, posted 43 diaries and 161 comments (as of 2009). Posts may be copied here to Relics at some point.

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