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Photo of us

I’m posting this here to show it to someone, and may or may not pull it down afterwards :-). This was taken at Dylan’s high school graduation in May 2010 (has it really been three years already?). Click on the thumbnail for a larger image.
Dylan high school grad

Holiday ornaments, 2009-2012

When we went to set up the tree this year, I realized I hadn’t made notes for the last few ornaments! So, here they are.

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Holiday Cheer

Another category is being added to the Relics: Humor :-). Over time I will be taking emails that I’ve collected over the years and posting them here, dated when I received the original unless otherwise noted. That way, I can share the joy instead of having these things buried in my email archives. They will all be categorized as “humor” and tagged with whatever else applies, like “cats” or “yule” or such. Enjoy!

Blasts from the Past

This section of the Silver Gateways is for things that were once elsewhere, like our Xanga blogs once upon a time, that are being collected for archival purposes. There probably won’t ever be anything really new here :-).

Posts from Morgan’s Xanga blog have been added, but those from Roland’s Xanga will be added as back-dated links to his Justice Log.

Roland’s older political stuff can also be seen on Daily Kos. Those posts may or may not be copied here.

Since Livejournal managed to lose a bunch of images during their scrapbook migration, I’ve moved the stuff from “Morgan’s Memories” over here, with that as the category.

Update, May 2021: Since Roland has decided to revive the Justice Log, I’m moving all of his (and some of my) political posts to The Justice Log 2.0. This includes not just his old Justice Log posts, but some things posted to other blogs. If you notice any broken links, please let me know.

A Viking Christmas Carol

(from email, traced back to the Kingdom of Ansteorra email list)

A Viking Christmas Carol

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the Hall
Not a creature was stirring, not warrior nor thrall.
And I in my armor, my greaves and my helm
Was drunker than anyone else in the Realm
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Yule Song: Christians and Pagans

(email, song originally released in Jan. 1996)

Christians and Pagans
Dar Williams – “Mortal City”

Amber called her uncle, said
“We’re up here for the holiday,
Jane and I were having Solstice,
now we need a place to stay.”
And her Christ-loving uncle
watched his wife hang Mary on a tree,
He watched his son hang candy-canes
all made with red dye number three.
He told his niece, “It’s Christmas Eve,
I know our life is not your style,”
She said, “Christmas is like Solstice,
and we miss you and it’s been awhile.”
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A Visit From The Yule Spirits

(email, cited to be from Circle Network News, Winter 1996/1997 Issue, Vol. 18, No. 4)

A Visit From The Yule Spirits

‘Twas that night before Yule, when all ‘cross the heath,
Not a being was stirring, not Pagan, Faerie, nor Beast,
Wassail was left out and the altar adorned,
To rejoice that the Sun King would soon be reborn.
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The “Politically Correct” 12 Days of Christmas

(Email from my sister Sandra)

The “Politically Correct” 12 Days of Christmas…

On the 12th day of the Eurocentrically imposed midwinter festival, my Significant Other in a consenting adult, monogamous relationship gave to me:
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