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Kill the mandate, save the bill

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Well, after yesterday’s epic rumination that did…nothing, I’m trying for something a little more straightforward. What’s wrong with the bill as-is?

Well, it’s missing quite a few things, like the public option, the Medicare buy-in, and a death panel for Lieberman’s career. It still does a lot of good stuff…but the one really BAD thing it does, as of now, is too big and bad for the current bill to be acceptable to those of us who oppose it: the mandate is a disaster that will destroy families and devastate a fragile economy. I’ll let Digby take it from here:
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Liberty and Justice For All: A Frame for Democrats

So the early conclusion on the election is this: We Need A Coherent Message. I couldn’t agree more. Now the big question is, “what is our message?”

Simple. Liberals, progressives, and Democrats as a whole can differ on various aspects of the philosophy, but the basic meme is fair play. Republicans and the conservatives who enable them (not to be confused with classic conservatives) like to say “life is not fair.” We need to respond “we can make it fair.” The package for this is simple: the classic phrase “liberty and justice for all.” How does that fit? Again, simple.

Liberty is, hopefully, self-explanatory. Civil rights, equal rights, and most especially the basic freedoms granted by the Bill of Rights. You can say what you want, write what you want, believe what you want, and get together with any willing group you want, as long as you don’t hurt anyone doing it. The modern Republican party is, basically, against this now. We need to point out the large freedom gap.
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It is easy to feel lost in the storm of political rhetoric, especially in the last days of a political season as charged as this one. It is easy, all too easy, to feel irrelevant in the face of Osama bin Laden’s coming out as the world’s pre-eminent supervillain, in the wake of 380 tons of deadly explosives that simply vanished, in the din of multi-million dollar ad campaigns and talking points e-mailed to millions.

Don’t you believe it.

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Burning WTC Pictures in new Bush Ad

This needs to go mainstream now.

In a last ditch bid to win Pennsylvania’s electoral votes, where Democratic Sen. John Kerry is leading is most polls, President George W. Bush has engaged in mailings which contain myriad graphic images of the burning World Trade Center on the morning of Sept. 11, 2001.

They have the images on their site. It’s real. This is the slimiest hit piece they’ve done so far, and that’s saying something.

Remember, Bush promised not to politicize September 11th. They couldn’t be exploiting it more nakedly than this. Let’s nail them.

(/) Roland X
Kerry/Edwards 2004: Vote While You Still Can

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Message control and political yard signs

Posted by Morgan, forwarding a message from another list (with permission) because I feel the message needs to get out.

I had a revelation a few days ago as the boys and I were driving through our traditionally Republican community (a misnomer) in West St. Louis County, watching for Kerry-Edwards yard signs and seeing more than we expected. Then I saw a yard that had only green-and-white yard signs that proclaimed simply “JESUS.” And then I thought how the political right has co-opted major cultural symbols like the flag, the Bible, and Jesus? I thought of some Pagan friends in AMER who marched in a demonstration some years ago, wearing 3-piece suits instead of tie-dye and carrying an American flag and a copy of the Constitution, and I remembered the concept of message control and reclaiming one’s symbols.
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The Reality-Based Community Strikes Back (or, The Power of Positive Thinking)

From prayer to New Age thought to cutting-edge quantum physics, many schools of thought hold that we have the power to affect reality with our thoughts. So, to counter the Republican-based reality that the administration wants to foster, I’ve proposed an alternative.

Three To Go

And since I’m more concerned with results than with getting credit, here’s a few similar campaigns I’ve seen around. I’ll add more in the comments to this diary as I find them.
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Reality Wars

From another comment thread:

It [Bush’s reputation] can be destroyed by the perception of Bush failing despite adherence to the scheme in the eyes of his followers. Call it occultism, identify and mock the particular tenets, point out how they fail in Reality, and the “faith” collapses in a hurry.

Ironically, this is something I have been struggling with for some time. I do, in fact, believe in the power of the will to alter reality. So, in fact, do you — it’s just that your variant of this belief is called “science,” and requires different forms of action than magickal/spiritual methods. 😉

Seriously, until science brings physical principles into common knowledge, laws of physics are occult, aka “hidden.” The basic idea of magick is that there are principles in the universe that can be uncovered with inner explorations rather than (or in conjunction with) outward ones. However, there are limits to what any one person can do, because there’s a whole universe out there filled with people and other elements (animals and natural forces, whether you call them spirits, forces of nature, laws of physics, or all of the above) that affect reality all the time, and if you come at them cocked at an arrogant angle, they will take a Santayana-esque delight in knocking you down.

This is called hubris, and it is the greatest danger of the will-worker. And I can think of no greater statement of hubris from a will-worker than this:

“We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality — judiciously, as you will — we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors . . . and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.”
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Message from God?

Morgan here, borrowing her husband’s diary :-).

I got this from my progressive son in Colorado today. While I certainly like the idea of Mother Nature laying the smack-down on liars and frauds, I have to wonder if the info in this is valid. I lack the resources for a quick check and the time for a full check, but maybe someone here can give it a look?

Edit: While cleaning up bad links I found my answer on Snopes :-).

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Why We Must Win

I turned 35 today.

Now, my birthday has nothing to do with why we have to win. It’s going to take me a bit to get there, so please bear with me.

I went to work this morning fully expecting my co-workers to spring something on me, but I was totally unprepared for the outpouring I received. Several nice presents, a delicious double-chocolate birthday cake, a wonderful lunch, and decorations all around my cubicle. From the moment I arrived, my team — my friends — went to considerable efforts to make sure I enjoyed my day, especially with several painful changes taking place.

Unfortunately, none of us, except for our supervisor, knew just how painful one of those changes would turn out to be.

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Karl Rove’s opinion of the press

Found on Alternet:

Karl Rove, the president’s chief political advisor, bluntly declared to New Yorker writer Ken Auletta that members of the press “don’t represent the public any more than other people do. I don’t believe you have a check-and-balance function.” Auletta concluded that, in the eyes of the Bush Administration, the press corps had become little more than another special-interest lobbying group.

You think I’d be jaded by now. But every time I think they’ve buried the needle on my outrage-o-meter, one of the Chimp’s string-pullers increases the gain. They really are completely without shame or moral boundary. There it is, from the guy at the top of the administration’s media food chain, saying outright that the press has no business trying to question the government.

* bang * * bang * * bang *

I have to stop now. My wife is asking me to please avoid breaking the keyboard. Or my head.

(/) Roland X
“…were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers or newspapers without government, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter.” –Thomas Jefferson

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