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Most inspiring films

Today’s news includes an item on “It’s a Wonderful Life” topping the American Film Institute’s list of 100 Most Inspiring Films Of All Time.

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Gab in the Grove

I’ll only be around for another hour at most, but I wanted to toss out another one of these. These “grove” posts are meant to be pagan-friendly, but that doesn’t mean pagan only :-). Everyone is welcome!

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Wiccan Soldier denied symbol of faith on headstone

I know I’ve posted on this issue before, but every one of us who gives their life while serving their country and is denied this simple thing because they have the “wrong” faith points up the issues we face.

For Wiccan Nev. Soldier, Death Brings Fight [1]

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Films that misrepresent religion

When a film comes out that is perceived as misrepresenting Christianity, the complaints are all over the press. When it’s Judaism, the press still covers it, but less so. There’s even less when the religion in question is Islam, but it’s still there.

So, how about the rest of us?

Use this as a place to kvetch about those films you feel haven’t been recognized as potentially misrepresenting or defaming a religion (or lack thereof). No Da Vinci Code, please, unless it’s in comparison to something else. That one’s already been done to death :-).

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JuBus? (Judaism/Buddhism blend)

There have been a few stories I’ve seen over the past few weeks that I was going to comment on here, but never got around to. Today, I’m getting around to one :-). From the LA Times: At One With Dual Devotion (if the LAT link doesn’t work, or asks you to log in, try this link [1] instead).

‘JuBus’ blend the communal rituals of Judaism with the quiet solitude of Buddhism. Most adherents are at peace with the paradox.

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Sex, love, and Beltane

(This started out as a comment to Alexandra’s “Meaning and Mystery of Beltane“, but when I realized how long it was going to be I decided to diary it instead.)

This is a bit off the cuff, since I’m in the middle of trying to get the home network working again (I have to play musical connections to get everything talking to each other again every time there’s a power interruption), but I wanted to comment — especially since I didn’t post a ritual last night like I’d planned. Maybe I’ll do it for the astronomical cross-quarter in a few days :-).

More below the fold…

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Not much of a diary, more a place to discuss what, if anything, we pagan heathens might do around here for one of our two big holydays :-).

Ref. links below the fold.

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Embarrassing religious (so-called) leaders

Someone asked on another diary if pagans have an equivalent of Pat Robertson. Several of us thought of the same guy: Kevin Carlyon.

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Short hops: Bart Ehrman on the Daily Show, and more

This was on last week, but we watch DS from the web site and sometimes we get behind :-). Anyway, I wanted to share this one with the Street:

Bart Ehrman, the author of “Misquoting Jesus,” talks about some of the inconsistencies of the bible.

Interesting stuff, though I’m too brain-dead at the moment to ask any insightful questions to start conversation rolling :-).
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Stages of Neopagan reactions to Christians

That’s a klunky title, but I hoped to get the attention of more than just the pagans :-).

A while back, someone wrote in a comment that:

…up till now most of my face to face interactions with Wiccans has always involved people with an enormous chip on their shoulder about the “Burning Times”, those stupid Satanists giving them a bad name, and complaining about oppression because mummy took their dagger off them…

I set it aside to respond to in more detail than as a comment, then forgot about it for a while.

So, here’s some of my observations on Pagans and Christians.

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