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Holiday ornaments, 2017-2020

And we thought 2016 was a dumpster-fire of a year…

In 2017, our old kitty-boy Fuzzy crossed the Rainbow Bridge. It took less than two weeks before deciding that a kitty-less home was unacceptable, and we adopted a new kitty-boy, Geo (the name his previous people gave the shelter, and none of us came up with an alternative). Or, as he’s more commonly called, Boo. In retrospect, we probably should have named him Chewey. 😉 (No photo yet, since I still haven’t made a photo of him to fit in the ornament.)

For 2018, we picked up a Spider-Man ornament somewhere and decided to call it good. Again, no photo yet.

2019 ornament

2019: It wasn’t all bad…

2019: Custom “It wasn’t all bad…” ornament from Etsy (JustFollowYourArt).

2020: Another Etsy ornament, “A Year to Remember Forget” (LovelyCuteStudio). The year was dominated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

2020 ornament 1

2020: A Year to Forget

2020 ornament 2

2020: A Year to Forget


(Originally posted on Moondance, but those older pages are problematic)

We the People by Karen Rae

We the People
by Karen Rae

by Peter Flanagan

People have hyped events and crises and disasters throughout modern history. This time, however, no amount of coverage could be adequate to the loss and devastation that has occurred. A black pit has replaced the heart of what may be the most active city in the world. Tokyo is denser, Washington D.C. more powerful, and Los Angeles perhaps more glamorous, but no city can compete with New York for sheer relentless drive. And now there is a crater in this city, a hole where two of the most amazing creations of that drive ever built, once stood.

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Ain’tcha heard? There’s a _war_ on!

(To my family, friends, and fellow travelers, I offer this. Please forward it to those who you think might appreciate it. Please don’t spam, of course, but as a writer, I feel a need to offer something. I have written other articles, which will hopefully be put up on e-zine websites in the near future, but I’d like to contribute sooner. So here it is.)

“Ain’tcha heard? There’s a war on!”
Peter Flanagan

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