Daily Deity (Nov 11)

Today, I’m skipping the Deity of the Day at godchecker.com and using their search to find someone appropriate to the day.

Today’s deity is Tonatiuh(*), Aztec Sun God. “He looks after warriors, particularly those who die in his service, and rules the present Age of the world.”

More on the flip…

Today being Veteran’s Day, I wanted to find not just a god/dess of war (there are plenty of those) but one of warriors. Those who fight to protect those who are unable to fight, to protect homes, families, the things that we value. The pickings were a bit slimmer on that account :-/.

Windows to the Universe makes an interesting juxtaposition: only warriors and women who died in childbirth enter Tonatiuh’s particular heaven. I’ve only ever been in mock wars, but I have been through childbirth, and can’t argue with this one :-).

On the other hand, human sacrifice isn’t my thing, so I can’t really get behind a god who demands it. Now, whether it’s Tonatiuh’s demand or something his followers came up with is another story. After all, we’ve seen how willing some people are to back up their own nasty agendas with “it’s God’s Will.”

Other thoughts?

Meanwhile, a reminder that I’m open to suggestions on this topic. If someone would like to see a specific deity or pantheon, let me know! If someone wants to do a “DD” post, I’m cool with it, just speak up ahead of time so we don’t get duplication. Weekends, especially, I may not be online to post and would appreciate someone filling in. You don’t have to use Godchecker’s Diety of the Day if you don’t want to :-).

(*) Sometimes Godchecker links are flakey. If it doesn’t work, try copying the link and pasting it into the browser. If that still doesn’t work, go to their front page and find Tonatiuh by browsing.

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DD makes my day (none / 0)

I just wanted to say how much I enjoy this series-it’s one of those treats I give myself after dredging through the grimmer political/environmentl news.
I would be glad to pinch hit if you’re off line but I’m new at this posting business and not too elequent at the best of times.
Still, if all else fails I’m around.

by vida on Fri Nov 11th, 2005 at 16:31:49 PDT

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