Daily Deity (Nov 15): Tyr

This week, I’d decided to go the “theme” route and over some Norse deities. Tuesday’s deity is Tyr, god of warfare and battle.

More on the flip…

My apologies in advance both for posting this so late, and for the brevity. Not enough sleep, and we’re getting Hunny to a doctor today about this flu-thing that’s not responding well to Russian Penicillin.

I also need to say off the top that where I hear “Tyr,” I picture the decidedly non-Norse looking Tyr Anasazi. So sue me ;-).

For those who remembered reading that Tuesday was named for “Tiw”: “Corresponding names in other Germanic languages include Tyz (Gothic), Ty (Old Norwegian), Ti (Old Swedish), Tiw, Tiu or Tew (Old English) and Ziu (Old High German).”

Tyr is, it seems, best known for becoming left-handed by being brave enough to put his hand in Fenrisulfr’s mouth to get him to stand still for a leash. Fenris seems to be the original Big Bad Wolf archetype ;-).

Meanwhile, a reminder that I’m open to suggestions on this topic. If someone would like to see a specific deity or pantheon, let me know! If someone wants to do a “DD” post, I’m cool with it, just speak up ahead of time so we don’t get duplication. Weekends, especially, I may not be online to post and would appreciate someone filling in. You don’t have to use Godchecker’s Diety of the Day if you don’t want to :-).

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