Daily Deity (Nov 17): Thor

This week, I’ve decided to go the “theme” route and over some Norse deities. Thursday’s deity is Thor, god of thunder.

More on the flip…

Thor and Wonder Woman Other spellings are  Oku-Thor, Þórr (ON), Þunor (OE “Thunor”), Donar or Donner (German). Thor was the son of Odin and Jord (Earth). His wife was called Sif, and little is known of her except that she had golden hair, which was made for her by the dwarfs after Loki (whom we’ll get to later in the week) had cut off her hair.

Almost as famous as it’s owner is Thor’s hammer, Mjollnir, which, when thrown at a target, returns magically to its owner. To wield this formidable weapon, even a deity like Thor needed special iron gloves and a belt that doubled the wearer’s strength.

I’ve been waiting all week to get to ol’ Goldilocks (link may not work) because this time I actually have some commentary. It’s not about Thor specifically, but about dealing with challenges to one’s religious beliefs.

As I mentioned in another diary’s comment, my hunny and I play a lot of RPGs. One of my characters is Stormcat, a “farm girl” from Central California who was working on her doctorate at UC Riverside when she was “bathed in the power cosmic” and developed superpowers. Being a “great power = great responsibility” kind of girl, she eventually joined the Avengers — where she met Thor.

I’ve never been able to fully wrap my head around what that must have been like. Here’s this mainline Protestant girl, grew up going to Sunday School and all that, never really had to think much about her faith, and all of the sudden she’s got the Norse God of Thunder looking her in the eye and shaking her hand. How does one deal with something like that? I didn’t have her go through a crisis of faith or anything, and she’s still as much of a Christian as ever, but she simply can’t deny that there are other gods because she deals with them on a regular basis, either as teammates (Thor) and adversaries (Loki, who showed up at her graduation party because her “secret identity” was dating an Avenger so there were several in attendance).

I’d like to hear from some of the Christians here: what would your reaction be to meeting a god/dess from another religion in the flesh, as it were?

Meanwhile, a reminder that I’m open to suggestions on this topic. If someone would like to see a specific deity or pantheon, let me know! If someone wants to do a “DD” post, I’m cool with it, just speak up ahead of time so we don’t get duplication. Weekends, especially, I may not be online to post and would appreciate someone filling in. You don’t have to use Godchecker’s Deity of the Day if you don’t want to :-).

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