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Quick note: this blog will now be a mirror for my diary at Daily Kos. While I am grateful to my readership sticking with my sporadic posting, you’re a pretty small group, and the goal of the Justice Log is to make a difference. On to the post…

The difference between Bush and Kerry in a nutshell.

Read more on the Justice Log, 3/13/2004 05:58 PM (and on Daily Kos)

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  • Avatar Roland:

    Comment on Daily Kos:

    The Bully Factor

    It’s the easy analogy, but it so often seems apt: these guys are nothing but junior high bullies.

    They’re perfectly willing to dish it out when there’s nothing but smaller kids around, and they certainly love to make fun of everyone else when they’re with their friends. But let someone call them out, and they start to bawl. Oh, poor them.

    by Mark Sumner on Sun Mar 14, 2004 at 12:14:12 AM PST

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