Holiday ornaments, 1984

1984’s holiday ornament: “Marathon Santa”

1984 ornament
The Games of the XXIII Olympiad, aka the 1984 Summer Olympics (or, as then-two-year-old Brian called them, the “Tee-four ‘Lympic Games” *g*), were held in Los Angeles . I went with Dalles’ mom and stepdad to see part of the marathon on closing day (12 Aug). We were somewhere along Pacific Coast Highway/Palisades Beach Road, by Palisades Park.

One of my favorite memories of this was of the last runner. Everyone had cheered the leaders, and kept cheering as more runners came by, but the cheers got more pro forma the farther back in the pack the runners were. There was a gap, and we though maybe it was the end, when this one lone runner, followed by the chase car, comes chugging along. He got almost as big a cheer as the guys at the front of the pack :-). I don’t remember who he was, or what country he was from, or even if he finished, but I hope he has good memories from that day.

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