Holiday ornaments, 1997

1997’s holiday ornament: First Christmas Together

1997 ornament
This was the year that our current household came into being. Roland and I fell in love that spring, and he moved in in August :-). The “feather” broke off the prince-mouse’s hat, and I haven’t explored possibilities for reattaching it yet.

Details: Carlton Cards Item # CXOR-019W UPC 018100332822

1997 ornament for Dylan
Dylan’s: Daffy Duck Skiing. Don’t recall why he picked this one, but it didn’t upset the big Daffy fan in the newly-minted family at all :-).

Details: Looney Tunes Collectible Ornaments, UPC 097013525729 (apparently, this was a 1995 issue, but we got it in 1997)

1997 ornament #2 for Dylan
Also for Dylan, a set of 3 “Winnie the Pooh” round cardboard ornaments

(Ref. my holiday ornament intro)

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