Holiday ornaments, 1998

1998’s holiday ornament: Silver wedding bells, engraved: “Roland & Morgan, Feb. 14th, 1998”
Or: Some years, deciding what to commemorate is a no-brainer 😉

1998 ornament
Commemorating our wedding :-). The wedding was supposed to be at Great Western War II (aka “Great Wettern”), but the event was called due to rain and flooding so we were married in our living room at 11:30ish at night. The dangle on the bell was replaced with a site token from the war.

Details: Things Remembered, UPC 089102031938. IIRC, these were supposed to be for a silver anniversary.

1998 ornament #2 front 1998 ornament #2 back
Also, the Superman Lunch Box, just ‘cuz my hunny’s a fanboy 🙂

Details and links: Hallmark QX6423 UPC 015012433166

1998 ornament for Dylan
Dylan’s: Superman and Action Comics #1 replica. Think we have a few fen in the house?

(Ref. my holiday ornament intro)

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