Holiday ornaments, 1999

1999’s holiday ornament: Make-A-Wish, Wishing Well (Personalization: “1st Article Sold”)

1999 ornament
Roland made his first sale as a writer — an article to Pyramid Online

Details and links: Things Remembered, Item# 545361

1999 ornament #2
Also, the Flash (Barry Allen)
This one hangs in the living room over the fireplace the rest of the year. Like I said, no fen-geeks in this family ;-).

Details and links: Hallmark QX6469 UPC 015012479645

1999 ornament #3
And a blue glass ball, from Dreiburgen Yule
1999 ornament for Dylan
Dylan’s: Star Wars Naboo Starfighter Ship

Details and links: Hallmark QXI7613

(Ref. my holiday ornament intro)

[ed. note: Images still at,, and

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