Holiday ornaments, 2006,2007,2008 update

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As we decorated the tree last night, Dylan realized he was a few years behind on ornaments. Today, we took steps to remedy that, ordering three ornaments from CafePress. I turn the keyboard over to Roland for the explanations…

2006 ornament for Dylan
2006: This is the logo for the organization responsible for fighting the “angels” in Neon Genesis Evangelion. (Note: Nerv is not an acronym, despite the use of caps in the logo.) As much of an anime fan as Dylan is, NGE remains one of his favorites, and is one of the major reasons for his philosophical/metaphysical research.
2007 ornament for Dylan
2007: This was the year Dylan became a serious Final Fantasy fan. The image is of a composite Warrior of Light; the four customizable heroes in the original Final Fantasy are collectively known as the Warriors of Light. As a result, this figure is the closest FF I comes to having a signature hero. (“He” also co-stars in the Dissidia: Final Fantasy fighting game, representing that first adventure.)
2008 ornament
2008: The Year We Fight…aw, who am I kidding? 😉 We ‘rents may have fought back politically, but for video game purposes, 2008 was the Year We Gave In. In the early part of the year, we bought a 360 explicitly for family purposes, but with Dylan very much in mind. For his last birthday as a minor, we bought him a PS3. Thus video games easily became the most central form of electronic entertainment in the household.

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