Holiday ornaments, 2007

2007 ornament
2007’s holiday ornament (text copied from my Yule Stuff post on LiveJournal):

For many years now, I’ve made it a tradition to get a Christmas/Yule ornament every year that symbolized something important for that year. That way, putting up the tree becomes a time for remembering. I have ornaments going back to “Baby’s First Christmas” for the “baby” who’ll be seeing his 26th holiday this year. Some years I had to fall back on non-family stuff (like the centennial of the Statue of Liberty), but usually we come up with something.

This year, we were at a bit of a loss, but then we realized that one of the defining elements of this year was the various video games that have become part of our lives (the fanfic Parallel Symphony being the biggest example). But where to find an ornament?

Silly Rabbid (yeah, we rented that one the other day. Daaaagghh!), design one and use Cafe Press :-). The image to the right is our ornament for this year. For those not familiar with the images, the top one is the Tri-Force from the Legend of Zelda series, and the bottom is the Screw Attack symbol from the Metroid series, particularly the Metroid Prime trilogy. The year is done in a Wii-like font and color, just to round it out.

Us, geeks? Nah. 😉

(See Holiday ornaments, 2006,2007,2008 update for Dylan’s retroactive 2007 ornament)

(Ref. my holiday ornament intro)

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