Holiday ornaments, 2009-2012

When we went to set up the tree this year, I realized I hadn’t made notes for the last few ornaments! So, here they are.

2009: Time passes. 2009 saw the crossing over of Morgan’s father, and the coming-of-age (as in, 18) of her youngest son, so something that represented the cycles of time seemed appropriate. The clock was actually in the jewelry section, but when we saw it we knew it was a good fit (Note: I can’t find it to take a photo, but I’ll replace this note with a pic when I can.)

2010-dylan 2010: Dylan graduated from high school.

2011-lantern-bat 2011: A lot of 2011 was spent roleplaying in the DC universe. The saga centers on Green Lantern, but Batman played an increasing role as time went on. So, Morgan used her mad image skills to create this combination of the two logos. The 2010 and 2011 ornaments were both by way of CafePress.

2012-tardis 2012: Crochet TARDIS. This was the year of Doctor Who. By way of catching up (so we wouldn’t have to worry about spoilers *g), we watched Torchwood series 2, Doctor Who series 4, Torchwood series 3, Doctor Who series’ 5 and 6, and finally series 7 so far (thanks to Mom who can get BBC America).

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