Honeymoon notes, Day 3

(copied from Morgan’s Livejournal)

Day three of our honeymoon. As commented on the previous posts, I’ve interspersed Roland’s commentary (in blockquotes) with my “outline,” which is based on time stamps from the cell phone and various receipts. Links to photos and video from said cell phone are included.

Tuesday, 12 Feb:

On Tuesday, we made a bit more of an effort to get out of the motel early — but not much. 😉 We headed to Full Moon Mandarin Cuisine, which Morgan’s research suggested was the only good Chinese food in Monterey. I can’t vouch for other Chinese restaurants in the city, but Full Moon was definitely yummy. Excellent Garlic Chicken, delicious, light fried rice, and the best egg flower soup I’ve ever had. Great service from a very nice lady named Kwan. We were in and out in under an hour, having gotten there just as they were opening for lunch.

11:33 am – lunch, Full Moon Mandarin Cuisine (on Yelp)
429 Alvarado St Monterey, CA 93940

11:50 am – recorded notes about lunch (see above)

From there, it was back down Highway 1 to revel in Big Sur. Though the drive still made me a touch nervous, it was definitely one of the less stressful stretches of Hwy 1, and getting to see the northern end by daylight was a wonder. Our first stop was the River Inn area, basking in the beautiful calm of the nearby stream, and an indescribably cool store called the “Heart Beat of Big Sur.” The proprietor was the only person during the whole trip to comment on our anniversary buttons, and I found there what was for me a singular wonder — the “Archeon Tarot,” in which I discover that I’m not the only person in the world worrying that string of sounds in my head obsessively. Like myself, the deck’s creator has chewed at the words “Archon,” “Eon” (his spelling of the gnostic Aeons), and “archeology” (sic). The deck itself is very cool, like owning a Mage: the Ascension deck without having an entire suit corrupted by Nephandic symbolism. We also picked up a golden heart ornament, just because.

1:03 pm: photo near the River Inn, Big Sur

2:11? pm – Tarot deck and heart ornament, Heart Beat of Big Sur (near the River Inn), P.O. Box 323, Big Sur, 93920 (their site has some great photos of the area — lots better than I could do with the cell phone’s camera!)

Naturally, your phoenix-obsessed travelogue-writer had to visit a place called the Phoenix Shop, but alas, the closest I found to phoenix memorabilia was a Nepenthe sweatshirt with the store’s logo on it. My beloved found a pair of triquetra earrings that she makes even more beautiful with her own radiance, but we managed to escape with just those two purchases and a couple of inexpensive buttons. From there, it was on to the beautiful Big Sur Spirit Garden, where the best part was basking in the ambiance and peaceful energies therein. Morgan did find a beautiful piece of clear quartz there as well, a nice chunk at a reasonable price.

1:44pm: Windchimes on the Nepenthe gift shop balcony

2:24(ish) pm – Nepenthe sweatshirt, triquetra earrings, buttons, The Phoenix Shop at Nepenthe
48510 Hwy 1, Big Sur, 93920

(sometime between Nepenthe and Pfeiffer) Crystal, Big Sur Spirit Garden, 47540 Highway 1 Big Sur, CA 93920

Nevertheless, the star of the day — aside from Morgan, of course — was Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park, and the glorious redwoods there. It was like the Great Mother’s cathedral, with towers that literally vanished into the sky, beyond the emerald canopy. I almost expected to see Link or Legolas ride by in a few gorgeous clearings. Alas, the area is suffering from something called “Sudden Oak Death,” so no souvenirs from the park except for pictures, but the energies remained long after we left the park. The only down side was the struggle we had occasionally getting the wheelchair through a few areas, but Morgan was able to handle walking through parts of the trip, so we managed, and happily so. I know I’ve gone on about the indescribables at other stops, but words truly pale before the feeling of spiritual oneness I felt among the forest’s titans, in a way not unlike Morgan’s reaction to Point Lobos.

3:06? pm – Pfeiffer Big Sur park (receipt for parking)

3:15-4:24 pm: Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park

video of trees

video of a squirrel, video of the stream under the bridge, and video of more redwoods

4:53 pm: photo northbound on Hwy 1 from Big Sur

Finally, with the sun setting, it was time to leave. A touch of melancholy started to thread in to the evening, as the honeymoon approached an ending, but there was still some more happiness to be found. Morgan’s sister and her SO took us out to dinner at a great pizza place, Pizza My Way in Pacific Grove, where we had pepperoni and garlic in honor of our trip to Mystic Pizza over ten years ago. We actually had fun talking, and then it was back to the motel one last time. We took it easy, even turning on the TV to catch a bit of cable — that turned out to be inspired, as we caught some Robin Williams being Robin Williams on Bravo, and a blockbuster political night. We turned that off fairly quickly once we got the election news, though, and snuggled together peacefully for the night.

One more day


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