Honeymoon notes, Day 4

(copied from Morgan’s Livejournal)

Day four of our honeymoon. As commented on the previous posts, I’ve interspersed Roland’s commentary (in blockquotes) with my “outline,” which is based on time stamps from the cell phone and various receipts. Links to photos and video from said cell phone are included.

Wednesday, 13 Feb:

Wednesday morning was somewhat earlier than the previous days, since we had to check out. It was still a pleasant morning, enjoying a final spate of spectacular views around Pacific Grove and a second visit with Morgan’s sister, this time sans SO. We talked politics, computers and family, all more pleasant than one might expect given the subjects, and she gave us a final tour of the area she lived in, including some beautiful homes and another exquisite beach, and a final stop at the only gallery in America devoted to a Chinese art involving the creation of images through the use of cunningly woven silk threads. The effect is amazing.

9:30ish am: flowers out the back window of our motel room

9:44 am – bought gas in Pacific Grove

10:00ish am: drove around Ocean View Blvd. and Sunset Dr., the “poor man’s 17 Mile Drive”
(video of Asilomar State Beach)

Eventually, though, we had to hit the road so we could get home before midnight. We said our goodbyes, then began the long road home. It began quickly and well, with only an early afternoon stop for facilities and hot dogs, then passed the eye-bulging sight of an ostrich farm on the way to our last major stop. We made it into Solvang just before they started rolling up the sidewalks. It was a final fairy tale touch to a magical weekend; the entire town uses Danish architecture to charming effect. We bought apple/cinnamon pull-apart bread and heart-shaped cookies at what appeared to be the largest bakery in town, a fresh pretzel we split between us, some gourmet chocolate for Dylan, and a “trained” butterfly“(*) on a small engine in memory of our guide in Halcyon, but the most magical stop there was at a store called the Mystic Merchant. I got a beautiful blue and white kyanite pendant, while Morgan picked up a ring made entirely of jade. We also got some attention from the proprietor’s very friendly (and apparently wheel-loving) big orange tabby named (IIRC) Edgar.

(*)”Fluttering Wonders,” which don’t seem to be available anywhere anymore

Sometime that afternoon: Food in King City

3:29 pm: vineyards and fog over the mountains, southbound on Hwy 101

4:15 pm – Cookies & bread, The Solvang Bakery
60 Alisal Rd., Solvang, CA 93463

4:21 pm: Roland with the dolphins, Solvang

4:30ish: Pretzel, Old Danish Food Farm Inc., Solvang

4:31 pm – “Trained” butterfly, Berengaria
1676 Copenhagen Drive, Solvang, 93463

4:50 pm: Roland with Ernest, the cat at the Mystic Merchant, Solvang

5:02 pm – Kyanite pendant and jade ring, The Mystic Merchant
1640 Copenhagen Drive, Solvang, 93463

5:16 pm – Chocolate for Dylan, Ingeborg’s Chocolates
1679 Copenhagen Drive, Solvang, 93463

With the sun below the horizon, the last leg of the trip had begun. At first, it was good to not have to worry about the sun in my eyes as I drove, but as the minutes stretched on into hours, exhaustion began to set in. As wonderful as our garlicmoon had been, a second day of marathon driving was taking its toll. Fortunately, my beloved quite handily helped keep me awake until we reached Arcadia once more. We fueled up both bodies and engine, adding a magical touch in spite of Mundania’s last-ditch attempt to, ahem, “keep it real,” and we made the last leg with relative ease, pulling in just before ten. We unloaded the rental car, settled in, hugged child and cats, and reveled in our own bed for the first time since Saturday night. It had been a wonderful vacation, glorious and wondrous indeed, but it was nonetheless good to be home.

8:06 pm – Food & gas; (we were trying to find someplace cheap and quick in Arcadia, but ended up back in Pasadena)

That’s all, folks :-). Hopefully, we won’t have to wait another ten years before we’re able to take some time off together again!


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