Lying Liars

I try to avoid engaging in blog wars, but Instapundit is the Big Dog of not only conservatarian pundits, but the blogosphere in general. And he has this to say about the nutjobs on both sides:

I’ve drawn the distinction repeatedly, but the fact is that the real energy in the antiwar movement comes from people who don’t like America. A.N.S.W.E.R. is central to the movement. Nobody else can organize the protests or turn out the bodies. It’s as if the religious right relied on Fred Phelps to do their organization, then tried to claim that they weren’t like him. But they’ve been very careful to distance themselves from guys like him. I don’t see similar care from the antiwar movement — I see happy solidarity until someone makes an issue, followed by righteous indignation when this stuff is pointed out.

This is clear, utter, total and obvious bull.

Read more on the Justice Log, 11/14/2003 08:54 AM

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