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[Lord of the Spin]Resident Dubyathor Accuses Kerragorn of Waffling
from the Minas Tirith Times

by Special Correspondent Roland X

MINAS TIRITH (MTT) – As the coronation season heats up in Gondor, Resident Dubyathor son of Bushelion laid out in the most definitive terms yet his charge that Kerragorn is a dissembler who cannot be trusted with the crown.

“First Kerragorn renounces his claim to the throne, then he pursues it. He claims to be part of a Fellowship, but exchanges his membership in it for his own political ambitions. He follows Deandalf’s lead, but must intend to give Deandalf orders if he means to be king. He condemns the War in Osgiliraq but advocates an invasion of Mordor. He didn’t want ‘the Sword that was Broken,’ and now he’s wearing it. And what’s with that ‘Strider’ thing? He’s afraid to use his own name?”

The coronation campaign has heated up intensely since Kerragorn was backed by the Fellowship of the Ring, though many believe that the issue of Isilgore’s line was only delayed by the current conflict rather than truly settled. Kerragorn’s partisans, Deandalf in particular, have been scathing in their condemnations of Dubyathor, accusing him of being incompetent, favoring nobles who donate enormous sums to his residency while ignoring the needs of the vast majority of Gondorians, and waging a “foolish” war in Osgiliraq while allowing the real threats of Mordor and Isengard to fester. Deandalf had particularly cutting remarks regarding Dubyathor’s contempt for long-time allies Lorien and Rohan while appeasing Sauduman.

SauRove, the chief royal advisor on succession, has responded with an even more vicious campaign. His team has made note of Kerragorn’s engagement to a Lorien elf, Terwen, and played up rumors involving a Rohirrim noblewoman. SauRove’s campaign has publicly distanced itself from commenters like Hannitongue, who disparage Kerragorn’s distinguished career as a Ranger and his support of the Ring-bearer. Even so, Kerragorn’s supporters insist that SauRove’s team quietly supports these attacks while keeping Dubyathor “above the fray.” This latest attack on Kerragorn’s consistency is the Residency’s most direct attack to date.

While Kerragorn has been willing to respond in kind, like Dubyathor he has largely attempted to keep his own public remarks moderate while leaving the heavy attacks to partisan supporters. Deandalf, whose wizardry has won him a solid core of supporters, has begun defending the man seen as “Isilgore’s heir” fully.

“I may have had my differences with Kerragorn while we were in the Fellowship, trying to decide how best to destroy the One Ring, but our similarities have always outweighed our differences,” Deandalf noted in a recent speech. “We both want to destroy the foul thing, while Dubyathor has shown himself ready to give the Ring to SauRove or the Witch-King of Ashcroft.”

“Kerragorn’s so-called ‘waffling’ is in truth genuine thoughtfulness and consideration of events,” Deandalf said at a later event. “As anyone with the sense their Creator gave a Took understands, situations change over time. Kerragorn’s record clearly shows that he has based his decisions on his principles and a wish to serve all of Gondor, though it’s unsurprising that such a corrupt collection of overlords can’t tell the difference between desire to serve and hunger for power. Then again, perhaps they simply expect the Gondorian people not to know better. They can see that renewed is the blade that was broken, and I expect that, come November, the crownless again shall be king.”

Kerragorn is popular among large sections of the populace for his connections to commoners in spite of his royal birth. His actions as “Strider” while a Ranger have proven to be a boon as well. Many throughout the nobility despise him, however, claiming that he’s “too elvish” and that his royal heritage is at odds with his promises to help the lower and middle classes.

Special correspondent Roland X contributed to this report.

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