Morality and religion

I just found some notes I made that I was thinking of posting to another diary, probably a couple of weeks ago. That one’s long gone, but I think this is worth posting as it’s own diary.

The impression I got on the other thread is that some folks feel that a person’s morality/ethics is a function of their religion. For some people, that is undoubtedly the case.

But for others, the core morality/ethics is there first, and then the person finds the religion/spirituality that suits the beliefs that already exist. I fall into this second group. If this were not that case, I would not have left Christianity. As it is, there were things that I believed were acceptable that the church said were immoral, and rather than be false to myself (or be a hypocrite about it) I left the church. It took me a few years before finding a “religion” (I use the term loosely) that suited my morality and ethics.

So for people in group 1, the “religion leads to morality “argument makes perfect sense. For people in group 2, it may or may not hold.

Or, to try this again, I’m not saying my political positions are not based on my morals/ethics — they are. I’m saying that my morals/ethics are not based on my religion/spirituality.

For the purposes of the poll, “faith” is meant to be shorthand for faith/religion/spirituality, and “morals” for morals/ethics. I know not everyone uses the same terms, but I think the overall meaning of the first two choices is fairly clear (at least I hope it is!).


Which came first?
My faith led to my morals
My morals led to faith
The two are too entwined to say
The Chicken
The Egg

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